Nova Scotia

Why Nova Scotia?


The Canadian Atlantic province of Nova Scotia is with 60.000 km² almost twice as large as NRW, but only has 850.000 inhabitants (increasing). The peninsula of Nova Scotia lies northeast of the US New England States, and only has a narrow connection to the continent. The province is almost completely surrounded by the sea. The coast has a length of app. 7.500 km. The ocean is present all over and the charm of Nova Scotia is created by the sweeping coastal landscapes.


Nova Scotia can be reached faster than you imagine: after only 5,5 hours of flight from Europe and 1,5 hours of flight from New York, you can enjoy the sun, sea breeze and nature's beauty.


There are non-stop flights from Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal to the International airport of Halifax, the capital of the province. There is a regular ferry transit from the south of Nova Scotia to the Canadian and US coasts. The following airlines fly from Germany to Halifax: Lufthansa, Condor, Air Canada, Air Transat, Icelandair.


The Nova Scotian infrastructure is well-developed through an extensive net of roads, train and bus routes. Due to the short flight and the acceptable time difference of only 5 hours for Europeans, the interest of tourists, real-estate investors and emigrants in this attractive province is increasing.

Whoever gets to know the beauty of this province will hardly find something comparable. Nova Scotia is a charming and attractive vacation and emigration paradise with plentiful recreational opportunities, ideal for water athletes, anglers, hunters, nature lovers, hobby farmers and horse riders. Beautiful golf courses and tennis courts are a perfect addition to the opportunities for leisure activities.



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