The Property

The Property


The property lies sheltered on a 12 km long and 4 km wide, quiet ocean bay of the Atlantic Ocean. Lying south of the Antigonish Harbor, on the beautiful Sunrise Trail, app. 8 min away from the University town of Antigonish. Due to the lake character of the bay, water temperatures during the summer reach up to 28° C / 86° F. It is the warmest sea water in all of Canada. The Northumberland Strait reaches the warmest temperatures of North Carolina (USA) during the summer.


The sheltered ocean bay is suitable for sailing, boating, fishing, swimming, diving, surfing and canoeing or kayaking in the summer and ice-skating, ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. Within a few minutes by boat you can reach the open sea.


The wildlife on the property includes sea otters, deer, gophers, rabbits, beavers, seals, bald eagles, raccoons, lynxes and many birds. The water is rich with fish. In small side streams you can also find various fresh water fish in addition to salt water fish. Also, because the house is located on an ocean inlet, fishing from the pier is allowed, even without a fishing permit.


The advantage of the bay over the open sea is lesser spray, breakers, surf, humidity, waves and tidal range. So all water sports can be enjoyed safely. At times of climate change the sheltered bay is very interesting and important. There is a sort of natural damn with a 40 m wide canal which connects the bay with the open sea. The water contains less salt than the ocean water because this is where three small rivers float into the bay.


The property has a size of app. 25 acres with its own waterfront, 150 m of ocean front along the Pomquet Cove and 250 m of ocean front along the Antigonish Harbor.

Small hills cover the land which smoothly declines towards the water. Most of the land is wooded areas with clearings.


The coast water is shallow (good for children) and the beach is made up of stones and pebbles. The mixed forest is complete with native trees, bushes, wild flower, and other plants.




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